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Promoting child's safe place

Long term type HelpAWG
Project themeNorth-South solidarity
Project language(s)English,Other
Local language(s)English,Other
DurationMinimum 3 months; projects start on every Friday.
Application infoThe volunteer will get a decision within 2 weeks upon reception of his/her application form.
Project descriptionIn every country Tanzania included there are many children who have been abandoned, orphans, born in homes with no love, abused or suffer poverty and sickness. This project is organized with the goal to increase the overall wellbeing of the children in the community. Majority of kids at the Children's home are orphans living in socially challenging conditions. Past volunteers have been here spending quality one-on-one time with the babies, children and youth giving them love and attention. The end result of this process is to create a safer place to be hence building a good future for them.
Full descriptionN/A